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Lighted Mahi Mahi Sculpture

Here is a one of a kind Lighted Mahi Mahi piece. This piece is a hand etched Mahi Mahi that is mounted on a wooden base with a LED light mounted inside the base to eluminate the sculpture.

You can choose a variety of base colors from Black Granite, Bleached Granite, Grey Stone, Pebble, and Sienna Stone. When purchase please advise your base color of choice.

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We accept all major credit cards over the phone. Please call 954.999.2248  to place your order today. Shipping charge will be added to the price.


Price: $69.99

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miami seoThe Veiled Chameleon is currently working with several extraordinary lines, one of which includes translucent veileds. We are also in the process of breeding the most flawless High Yellow Turquoise line of veileds that will dazzle your eyes. Some of the colors our breeders produce are Sunburst, Turquoise, Sunburst Turquoise Cross, High Orange, High Yellow and Translucent. Although we strive to breed our chameleons for the highest colors, and are continually working to produce more vibrant color combinations, our baby veiled chameleons colors can vary slightly from there sire's. The Veiled Chameleon ships all animals in good health and describes each animal as accurate as possible. The Veiled Chameleon cannot be held responsable for the animals attitude. We try our best to tell you their temperment but cannot be 100% on how they may react in the new home. Questions, call 954.999.2248